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November 01, 2011

Not only does this stuff produce hundreds of tubers to dig, it has the capacity to produce seed.

Spray round-up, and the tubers come up. Dig the stuff, and still the missed tubers come up next week.

Additional Nut sedge pictures posted a month ago.

September 16, 2011

Not something you want in your garden.

There’s a saying in these parts that the only solution for nut sedge, is to pack up and move away.

They say that one nutlet produces 100.

Nothing stops this stuff, the white pointy spikes shown in the bottom pic r sharp, and will pierce landscape barrier cloth.

People spray nut sedge, and it comes right back next week… Nut sedge grows all year, so there’s no off-season crops that we can grow while it’s dormant, the individual nuts go dormant, but there will always be new stalks showing, in spite of constant pulling.